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Last Updated Tuesday 29 January 2002

Okay, okay I admit it; like most folks, I'm pretty partial to my kids! But, they also happen to be rather
interesting people. . . hope you don't mind if I introduce them to you. :-) :-)

#1 Grandson, Patrick Thomas Kehoeborn 23 December 2002, to Brendan and Elana at the National Maternity Hospital, Dublin. First grandchild of Alice and the late Peter Brendan Kehoe.

#1 Son Brendan, a Computer Guy who's written a couple of books which Prentice Hall has published: Zen and the Art of the Internet and Children and the Internet: A Zen Guide for Parents and Educators. He's also compiled The Kids on the Web, one of the Net's most popular resources for youngsters and their parents. Two years ago, Brendan and darling wife, Elana, relocated to Dublin, where he first entered the world.

#2 Son, Derry ... a Radio Disk Jockey/Producer and Broadcast Engineer, was born in the Dublin suburb, Clontarf. He's currently working on The Savvy Traveler, which is produced in Los Angeles and airs on Public Radio International stations throughout the US. In the past, he worked on radio stations around New England and at one in Tulsa.

Beloved Daughter-In-Law Elana [a/k/a Mrs. Brendan], formerly an Associate Producer with two PBS television shows, she went to ZDTV before leaving for the move to Ireland.

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