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The links on this page lead to sites addressing vital social and family issues;
things which should concern each of us as members of the human family.
Note: Some of the issues dealt with might be a bit distressing to a very young child.

[Plans are afoot to break these alphabetical listings apart and group them into categories;
please bear with me 'til the time presents itself!
Meanwhile, your Browser's "find" function can help you locate what you need. :-)]

A Minor Consideration [vital must read for every parent of a would-be child performer]

Ability Project [using the Net to free and enable the "disabled"]

Adopt America Network [matching special needs children with adoptive families]

Adopting.com [huge resources index; "everything prospective adoptive parents need to know"]

Alpha One [seeking a society where people with disabilities make choices for themselves]

ALS Assn [fighting the cruel killer, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; a/k/a Lou Gehrig's disease]

American Burn Association [information and interactive communication on burn care]

Amer Foundation for Suicide Prevention [advancing knowledge of suicide; helping prevent it]

Amnesty International [protecting human rights worldwide; visit the Colby College chapter]

A-T Children's Project [informing the world about a heartbreaking childhood disease]

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America [you could make the difference]

Bishop Desmond Tutu's Truth & Reconciliation Commission [working to heal South Africa]

Boundless Playgrounds [helping create accessible playgrounds for kids around the world]

Brain Disorders Network [info on neurological challenges]

Cancer News [bringing patients and families the latest info on diagnosis and treatment]

Carter Center [fighting disease, hunger, poverty, conflict, and oppression]

Children Accessing Controversial Information [you can help find a solution, without censorship!]

Children with Diabetes [on-line community for kids and adults with Type I diabetes]

Children's Defense Fund [a strong and effective voice for all of America's children]

Christopher Reeve Foundation [fighting to find a cure for the effects of spinal injury]

Children's Aid Society of Metropolitan Toronto [dedicated to protecting Canada's children]

Corporation for Supportive Housing [fighting homelessness among people with special needs]

CyberAngels [all-volunteer Cyberspace Neighborhood Watch]

CyberSearch [connect to Canada's Missing Children Agencies in English or French]

Deaf World Web [ultra-comprehensive! includes a special Kids' page!]

Electronic Frontier Foundation [protecting privacy, free expression and democracy online]

GetNetWise [brand new resource for families and caregivers to help keep kids safe online]

Guide Dog Foundation For The Blind [lots of solid, in-depth info]

Habitat for Humanity [two of Maine's chapters, York and Portland, are on the Web :-)]

Human Rights Watch to protecting human rights around the world]

Job Accommodation Network [info about job accommodations for people with disabilities]

Karla's Preemie Page [truly exceptional; superb resource for parents of premature babies]

Kids Campaigns [let's all act on behalf of children!]

Kids with Diabetes [helping kids with diabetes lead happier, healthier lives]

Kim's Cancer Links [includes vital National Bone Marrow Donors Registry information]

Locks of Love [your hair donation can help a child with medical hair loss (e.g., chemotherapy)]

Lymphedema Support Network [info on widely spread, often extremely painful condition]

Maine Adoption Placement Svc (MAPS) [helping children find love in adoptive families]

Make-A-Wish Foundation [a very, very special place]

Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research [find out how you can join the fight]

NAACP [oldest and largest Civil Rights Organization in the US; committed to non-violence]

National Aphasia Assoc [crucial information about a frustrating, often misunderstood challenge]

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children [Help Find a Missing Child]

National Multiple Sclerosis Society [working to end the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis]

National Parkinson Foundation [finding the cause and the cure for Parkinson's Disease]

National Parkinson's Network [action and advocacy to end Parkinson's Disease]

National Spinal Cord Injury Assoc [important resource for people living with spinal cord injury]

NetDay [a grassroots volunteer effort to wire America's K-12 schools]

New Horizons Wilderness Program [helping girls with emotional problems; based in Orrington, Me]

Operation Smile [medical volunteers bringing hope to young people with facial differences]

Opus 118/East Harlem Violin Program [Roberta Guasparia's inspired gift of Music of the Heart]

Our Kids [a web page devoted to raising kids with special needs]

Oxfam [people in over 70 countries, working together against poverty and hunger]

Partnership for a Drug-Free America [the more we all learn, the better we all can help]

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy [rare brain condition with which the great Dudley Moore lives]

Polly Klaas Foundation [has a single objective: to stop crimes against children]

SafeKids.Com [truly superior safe-surfing tips, advice, ideas and links; not to be missed!]

SafeSurf [making the Internet a safe place for kids to play and learn]

Save the Music [non-profit VH1 effort to restore and support US public school music programs]

Scott's Heart Page [first-class by a mother about her son and Congenital Heart Disease]

The School Site Parents' Page [safe links to help you help your child learn on the Web]

Stand for Children [if we don't, who will?]

Tomorrows Children's Fund [improving life for children with cancer and blood disorders]

Traumatic Brain Injury Info [by a survivor and her husband; invaluable!]

UNICEF [there's much to learn and do, especially about Child Labor]

Urban Institute [addressing the many social and economic problems confronting the US]

VISTA [could you Volunteer in Service to America?]

Note: While a sincere effort has been made to ensure that every resource listed here is safe and family-friendly,
there's no substitute for any child's Number One Friend - the grown-up in his/her life!
Besides, Surfing the Web is never more fun than when you Surf together!

~ Privacy ~
No personal information of any kind is ever collected from this site, nor will any ever be collected.
Moreover, cookies are not used here nor will they ever be used; since I refuse to accept any cookies myself,
it would be less than honest of me to ask otherwise of anyone else.
However, there are many sites on the Web which do either request information and/or collect it unbeknownst to users.
This not only shows a lack of respect for visitors but, where children are concerned, can be dangerous.
Please, always urge your children to check sites for privacy statements and, above all, caution them to
never reveal their names, addresses and/or telephone numbers on any Web site nor to any individuals they may meet on the Net.

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