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Astronomy & Space Dictionaries & Reference Works
Earth & Environment Handy Stuff - Conversion Tables, Maps, etc.
Interesting People Interesting Places Around the World
Libraries & Museums Research Tools/Net Resources

Astronomy & Space (to Category List)

  Astronomy Picture of the Day [discover the cosmos with professional guides]

  Canadian Space Agency [committed to developing space knowledge to benefit humankind]

  Center for Earth & Planetary Studies [great for kids, teachers and all earthlings!]

  European Space Agency [providing and implementing a vision of Europe’s future in space]

  Hubble Space Telescope [Web home of truly amazing, exciting photos and discoveries]

  Mars Pathfinder Mission [think it ended in 1997? wrong; take a look at the latest news!]

  Mt Wilson Observatory [scanning the skies and discovering galaxies for almost 100 years]

  NASA [step off into new worlds with the US National Aeronautics & Space Administration]

  Royal Observatory [London home of the Prime Meridian and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)]

  Tullamore Astronomical Society [promoting interest in astronomy and allied subjects]

Dictionaries & Reference Works (to Category List)

  Bartlett's Familiar Quotations [searchable, electronic version of the classic reference work]

  Biographical Dictionary [notable men and women who have shaped our world since ancient times]

  Cambridge International Dictionaries [separate searches of words, phrasal verbs and idioms.]

  Dictionary of Phrase & Fable [find the derivation/source of words/phrases from famous Tales]

  History of the English Language [from pre-history to the newest terms; mailing lists, too]

  Internet Living Swahili Dictionary [ever-growing product of Yale's Kamusi Project]

  Merriam-Webster OnLine [searchable Dictionary, Spelling Dictionary, Thesaurus . . . plus!]

  Quotations Page [looking for an apt quote? wondering who said what? this is the place to go]

  Roget's Thesaurus [it's right on the tip of your tongue...and at your fingertips]

  Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus [good American English language resource]

  World Wide Words [huge site on the history, origins, evolution and idiosyncrasies of English]

  Your Dictionary [formerly 'Web of Dictionaries' and bigger than ever :-)]

English-to/from-Other-Language Translation Dictionaries:

  Alta Vista's Translator [English to/from multpile international languages]

   American-British/British-American [parents note: a few "rude" colloquialisms]

   English-French/French-English [from the University of Chicago]

   English-German/German-English [from Link Everything Online]

   English-Japanese/Japanese-English [options for various browsers; read instructions carefully]

   English-Russian/Russian-English [page of links to several translator selections]

   Logos [multilingual translator; choose from a vast number of languages]

Earth & Environment (to Category List)

  Arctic Circle [extensive University of Connecticut project on the Arctic/Subarctic region]

  Convention on Biological Diversity [on-going global agreement; studying bio diversity]

  Cousteau Society [the late Jacques-Yves Cousteau's work goes on, including Calypso II ]

  Earthwatch [working to improve understanding of our planet]

  Environmental Education Directory of New Zealand [very comprehensive; check it out]

  Environmental Ethics Resources [large Web link selection from Univ of British Columbia]

  Global Warming International Center [disseminates global warming science and policy info]

  National Geographic Online [beautiful and filled with info; check it out!]

  National Park Svc (US) [learn about the National Park near you...or one you're planning to visit]

  Ocean Conservation Society [home of the Los Angeles Dolphin Project and lots more!]

  Ozone Hole Tour [interactive digest of the ozone layer and ozone hole over the Antarctic]

  Rainforest Alliance [international nonprofit group dedicated to tropical forest conservation]

  UN Environment Programme [encourages international partnership in environmental issues]

  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution [dedicated to ocean science research and education]

Handy Stuff - Conversion Tables, Maps, etc. (to Category List)

  Caribbean-On-Line Map Index [nice selection of Caribbean Island road maps]

  Inflation Calculator [compare US Dollar values between any two years from 1800 and 2000]

  Measuring Units Conversion Tables [from/to Metric, Imperial and US measurements]

  Table of the Elements Calculator [handy periodic table in javavscript]

  Understanding Library Call Numbers [thank you, Honolulu Community College!]

  Maps Online [US and International (limited) maps, plus Directions (48 contiguous US states)]

  MapQuest [very well known; good range of maps/functions; could use more international]

  Middle East Maps [excellent; includes drilldown regional map and detail maps of countries]

  Oddens World Maps & Mapping [superb! maps, search engine and cartographic links]

  Universal Currency Converter [calculates foreign exchange values, with live currency rates]

  US Gazetteer [view US locations with the Tiger Map Server or obtain data from the 1990 Census]

  World Clock [what time is it now in...? find out here!]

Interesting People (to Category List)

Find more at History and Some Scribes

  Jacques d'Amboise [famed ballet star whose National Dance Institute enriches inner-city lives]

  Bobby DeLaughter [convicted Medgar Evers' killer, laying the Ghosts of Mississippi to rest]

  Marian Wright Edelman [tireless child advocate; founder of the Children's Defense Fund]

  Václav Havel [now president of the Czech Republic, he's also a respected playwright/author]

  Prof Stephen Hawking [one of the world's greatest minds; father of the 'Black Holes' theory]

  Coretta Scott King [activist widow of assassinated civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.]

  Rosa Parks [she kept her seat to take a stand, jump-starting the US Civil Rights Movement]

  Mary Robinson [Ireland's 1st woman President; impressive UN Human Rights Commissioner]

  Carl Sagan [the science world's late, brilliant researcher, astronomer and theorist]

  Helen Thomas [stellar, award-winning journalist who's covered the White House since 1960]

  Lech Walesa [Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former president of Poland]

Interesting Places Around the World (to Category List)

Find more at History, Irish Buffet and All About Maine

  Audubon House & Tropical Gardens [interesting and educational for visitors of all ages]

  Bulgaria on the Internet [excellent jumping-off point for info about this beleaguered nation]

  Forbidden City [wonderful site about Beijing's fabled enclave of the Ming and Qing dynasties]

  Indian Pueblo Cultural Center [glimpse the proud heritage of New Mexico's Pueblo people]

  Japanese Prime Minister's Residence [interesting; lots of info about current events in Japan]

  Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts [wonderfully comprehensive, attractive, informative]

  Madame Tussaud's [learn about and tour the globe's finest wax museums, now worldwide]

  Sistine Chapel [drink in the glorious panels or tour the entire Vatican]

Libraries & Museums (to Category List)

Find more at Irish Buffet, History and All About Maine

  British Museum [more than fulfills its pledge to "illuminate world cultures"]

  Library of Congress Online Exhibits [no need to travel to DC to view these wonders!]

  National Agricultural Library [highly informative site from the US Dept of Agriculture]

  National Women's Hall of Fame [celebrating extraordinary American women]

  New York Public Library [outstanding offering; well worth a visit]

  Oklahoma City National Memorial/Murrah Building Tragedy [that lessons may be learned]

  Ringling Museum of Art [1927 gift of John & Mable Ringling, now holds over 10,000 works]

  Smithsonian Institution [wander through the US National Attic...from your desktop]

Research Tools/Net Resources (to Category List)

  Beyond the Black Stump [excellent, very large resource; not to be missed]

  Educational Resource Center [large collection of Net links for all ages to research all things]

  English Server at CMU [searchable database of over 10,000 humanities texts]

  Frances Dendy's Bookmarks [neat! varied, educational selection; plus, special Kids' Links]

  Homework Help [from real, live teachers; post a specific question and they'll answer!]

  Internet Classics Archive [approx. 400 Greek and Roman classics in English; searchable]

  Low Fat Cooking Archive [2,541 fat free and very low fat recipes; searchable]

  Surf Madison [one of the *best* resources on the Web; find almost anything!]

  Unforgettable Letters [magical written words; from Dear Santa to historic missives...a treat!]

  Virtual Reference Sites [over 2,000 of the Web's top info sources; very cool!]

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