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Here we go, lots and lots of stuff just for kids! Each of these sites leads to more great places designed with Younger Netizens in mind.

200 Links for Kids
    ...cool selection; from the nice folks at the Internet Distribution Annex

A Safe, Well-Lighted Place for Kids
    ...very safe, indeed, and very enlightening; from the Computer Learning Foundation

ACEKids Cool Sites
    ...exceptionally good; from the Academic Center for Excellence

Aford T. Turtle
    ...a turtle with his own daily comic strip? on the Web? yes, indeed!

BAB Online Stories for Kids
    ...just wonderful illustrated tales; plus, a neat collection of Kids' Sites, too!

Berit's Best Sites for Children
    ...hundreds of reviewed sites; from the world of Theodore Tugboat

Candlelight Stories Web Links
    ...visit the whole big, beautiful site!

CCI Kids' Page
    ...large, varied and categorized

CEN Kids' Links
    ...nice, long list; categorized by age

Children's Corner
    ...wonderfully varied, large selection from Chicago's Anet

Children's Page
    ...by the folks of Ability, who remind us all to "see the ability not the disability"

Children's Web Sites
    ...hundreds upon hundreds of sites, selected by California's El Dorado County Library

Children's Zone
    ...all sorts of neat stuff from the folks at Deaf World Web

    ...superbly done, truly educational site

Education 4 Kids
    ...neat educational drill games for kids and no banner ads!

Education & Kid's Activities
    ...excellent collection of homeschooling, education and activity sites; from About.com

Essential Links for Kids
    ...really large and really good!

FEMA for Kids
    ...learn about natural disasters, play games, read stories; totally cool!

Fisheye View Cam
    ...incredible underwater shots from Florida's coral reefs!

For Kids and Parents Alike
    ...carefully selected by Kids Campaigns

For Kids Only!
    ...provided by Ultratech.net, a Toronto ISP

For Kids [and Teens] Only!
    ...super selections for Under 13s and Over 13s; from Maine's Aroostook Internet

Fun and Games
    ...San Francisco Public Library's children's links for pure enjoyment

Fun and Games On-line
    ...awesome selection from Tomorrow's Girl

I-EnterNet's Kid's Stuff
    ...neat mix of places to go and things to do

Juneau Web Kids' Zone
    ...hot sites from the cool Northcountry

Jumpstart for Students
    ...exceptional; from The Texas Education Network

Just for Fun
    ...all sorts of things from the Awesome Library for Teachers, Students and Parents

Just Us Kidz! Just Us Parents!
    ...super fun site by a whole family, for a whole family; very cool!

    ...a simple name, for a simply very nice and varied selection; check it out

Kid Links
    ...from the Gifted Resource Council of St. Louis

Kids' Links
    ...first-rate; Arts & Crafts, Free Stuff...more; part of Frances Dendy's cool, safe site

Kids' Place
    ...huge, recently revamped kids' site from Nashville Public Library

Kids of All Ages
    ...super sites, recommended by the City of Tempe

The Kids on the Web
    ...for parents and educators, as well as kids; includes tips for Child Safety on the Intenet

Kids Sites
    ...very good; includes Cool Kid Sites, Kid Links and more

Kids' Collection of Swanny's Swaggy
    ...simply huge, categorized resource from Australia

Kids' Focus/For Kids Only
    ...from Canada's Community Learning Network

Kids' Page
    ...just great; from Penrith City, Austrailia; there's Homework Help, too!

Kids' Stuff/Just for Kids
    ...California dream from Santa Clara County Office of Education

Launchpad for Kids
    ...good sites and lots of other stuff

Links We Love
    ...brief but carefully-selected list from Kelly Elementary Academy in Wichita

Midwest Web's Kid Page
    ...superb variety; provided "...to counter the negative aspects of the Web"

Mike Rofone - Roving Reporter
    ...super, super! stories; updated weekly in Dalkey on Dublin Bay in Ireland

My Virtual Reference Desk/Kids Stuff
    ...very, very nicely organized long list

Nifty Places
    ...is one nifty site; part of OH! Kids, an Ohio Public Library Information Network project

Novagate Kids' Page
    ...for kids from 2 to 102; lots of stuff - all safe

Odin's Castle/Queen's Chambers
    ...a stunning and very rich site for students and teachers, alike

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
    ...need one say more? super kids' activites + sound parental advice

    ...truly superior safe-surfing tips, advice, ideas and links; not to be missed!

Scarborough (Me) Public Library Children's Services
    ...scroll down a bit for a selection of hand-picked links; good

Space Links/KidsWarp
    ...from the Planetary Society, founded by the late Carl Sagan and others

Stories, Poems, Pictures and Sounds
    ...and lots, lots more; thanks to a family from Sonning-on-Thames in England

Study Hall
    ...for homework help and a whole bunch more; provided by Canada's QuestTech Design

Syd's KidPicks
    ...just one stop along the WMHT CyberTrail in Albany, NY

Teach 2000/Just for Kids
    ...very well annotated list from Teach 2000, a guide for and by educators

Virtual Museum for Children (used to be called "Stuff for Kids")
    ...extremely well done site, from the Bowen Family of England's Sonning-on-Thames

Virtual Sites for Kids
    ...large, interesting and annotated; check it out!

Web Sites for Children and Youth
    ...carefully thought-out by the Media Literacy Online Project at the University of Oregon

WWW Kids
    ...good mix of selections; from the Richmond (BC) Public Library

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