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Minor Update Monday 15 April 2002 [much more yet to come]

Here, you'll find some of the finest wordsmiths the world has known.
From Aesop to Yeats, they're listed alphabetically (followed by a few outstanding collections)
. . . you are invited to share their lives, thoughts, griefs and laughter.
It is my hope to keep this as an ever-growing roster of wondrous works!

[Notes: Your Browser's "find" function can help you quickly locate Scribes by name.
For additional info about some authors, see the Irish Buffet, History
and General Reference sections of this site.
Oh, and if you have a moment to spare, would you let me (Alice Kehoe) know
if this page was useful for you? Thanks! :-) ]

Aesop's Fables [Wit has always an answer ready . . . and he had!]

Isaac Asimov [he peered into the future and founded the Foundation]

Jane Austen Information Page [her life and online copies of her works; outstanding!!]

Francis Bacon [he certainly wrote The New Atlantis, but Shakespeare's works, too?]

JM Barrie [famed son of Kirriemuir, Scotland who made our imaginations fly beside Peter Pan]

L. Frank Baum [genius who escorted us to an audience with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz]

Mrs Beeton [Victorian doyenne whose Book of Household Management is still in print]

Mary Elizabeth Braddon [prolific Victorian novelist; Three Times Dead was her first book]

Brontė Sisters [meet them on this lovely site; then move on to their glorious words]

Lewis Carroll [wonderful page! links to everything, including Tenniel's famed illustrations]

GK Chesterton [ever wonder if he really was that intrepid sleuth, Father Brown? :-) ]

Agatha Christie [undisputed Queen of Mystery, she introduced Hercule Poirot at Styles]

Wilkie Collins [Victorian "sensation" writer whose novels presage the mystery genre]

James Fenimore Cooper [author of Last of the Mohicans; roundly criticized by Mark Twain!]

Roald Dahl [a WWII Gremlin undercover agent, he became a master of children's stories]

Charles Dickens [yes, A Christmas Carol and his other works are online!]

Emily Dickinson [you-will-revel in her poetry]

Arthur Conan Doyle [most famous, of course, as the father of Sherlock Holmes]

Daphne du Maurier [she celebrated Cornwall in Rebecca and actually stayed in Jamaica Inn!]

William Faulkner [self-styled "failed poet" who earned the Nobel as a novelist!]

Robert Frost [laureate who pondered a Road Not Taken, but knew about Asking for Roses]

Oliver Goldsmith [18th Cent. Irish creator of She Stoops to Conquer, The Vicar of Wakefield, etc.]

Thomas Hardy [man of Dorset, whose many works include The Mayor of Casterbridge]

Nathaniel Hawthorne [categorized for the over 13 set, his Scarlet Letter is an American classic]

James Herriot [who so loved All Creatures and the Yorkshire Dales]

Gerard Manley Hopkins [one of Victorian England's more interesting poets]

Washington Irving [no Rip Van Winkle, he told us The Legend of Sleepy Hollow]

John Keats [major star of literature's Romantic movement]

CS Lewis [inspired seeker who discovered Narnia]

Sinclair Lewis [first American Nobel laureate author, he glorified Main Street; a few of his other works also online]

Jack London [UC-Berkeley's multimedia salute to a local Favorite Son]

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow [did you know he was native of Portland, Maine?]

Don Marquis [who? why, the creator of the wonderful Archy & Mehitabel! :-) ]

Herman Melville [definitive, stellar compendium of his life and works]

Edna St. Vincent Millay [works of a great writer who called an island off Camden, Maine home]

A.A. Milne [hunny of a writer who gave us Pooh, Tigger and all in Hundred-Acre-Wood]

Lucy Maude Montgomery [she and Anne of Green Gables enchanted Prince Edward Island]

Thomas More [he envisioned Utopia...but gave his life for conscience]

John Mortimer [barrister and author who gave the world the irrepressible Rumpole]

Edgar Allen Poe [a brilliant and tragic man, he crafted tales to chill the spine]

Beatrix Potter [writer/artist who gifted us with Peter Rabbit]

Will Rogers Site [sumptuous tribute to a beloved wit who never met a man he didn't like]

Walter Scott [prolific author-Knight whose pen wrought Ivanhoe; passing fair poet, too!]

William Shakespeare, The Complete Works [the ultimate Shakespeare source!]

Mary Shelley [wrote Frankenstein and The Last Man ; her #1 man was poet Percy Bysshe Shelley]

Edmund Spenser [proflic 16th Century poet, probably best known for The Faerie Queen]

Robert Louis Stevenson [Edinburgh's son, he Kidnapped us to Treasure Island and beyond]

Bram Stoker [a first edition of his horror classic Dracula is at the Dublin Writers Museum]

Rex Stout [prolific mystery writer, creator of the egocentric genius and gourmand, Nero Wolfe]

Harriet Beecher-Stowe [wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin in Brunswick, Me; hubby was Bowdoin staffer]

Jonathan Swift [author of, among a few other things, Gulliver's Travels]

Alfred Lord Tennyson [his Idylls of the King and Crossing the Bar were our schoolmates]

Henry David Thoreau [immortalizer of Walden Pond; champion of Civil Disobedience]

James Thurber [brilliantly erudite satirist/commentator/cartoonist; his home is now a museum]

JRR Tolkien [weaver of wonders; including The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings]

Mark Twain [makes you just want to curl-up with a good PC!]

Jules Verne [who took us Around the World, to the Moon, and Under the Sea]

H.G. Wells [brilliant conjuror of the Time Machine, he chronicled the War of the Worlds]

Edith Wharton [among her voluminous works is the revered Ethan Frome]

Walt Whitman's Poetry [and pictures and biography and home and...]

Kate Douglas Wiggin [Hollis, Maine resident who created Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm]

W B Yeats [great site from his Co Sligo home; also check-out the Bartleby collection]

Some Excellent Collections (kids should be guided) (to Top of Page)

19th Cent British & Irish Authors [super site; disappeared for a bit, now resurfaced!]

Bibliomania [hundreds of searchable full text works]

Cambridge History of English and American Literature [a most important research work]

Links to Places Literary [magnificent; don't miss this one! by the Univ of Dundee's English Dept]

Literary Resources on the Net [fine collection, from the classical to the contemporary]

Reading the Web [great collection of Lit Links!]

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Note: While a sincere effort has been made to ensure that every resource listed here is safe and family-friendly, there's no substitute for any child's Number One Friend - the grown-up in his/her life! Besides, Surfing the Web is never more fun than when you Surf together!

Note: While a sincere effort has been made to ensure that every resource listed here is safe and family-friendly,
there's no substitute for any child's Number One Friend - the grown-up in his/her life!
Besides, Surfing the Web is never more fun than when you Surf together!

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