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Minor Update Friday 12 April 2002 [more complete revision to come]

Sheba, my owner, invites you to meet some of her pals . . .
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Companion Animal Welfare/Rescue Groups Pets/Pet Care
Wild Animals/Conservation Zoos/Zoological Gardens

Companion Animal Welfare/Rescue Groups (to Category List)

Actors and Others for Animals [devoted to inspiring compassion for all living creatures]

Animal Welfare Resource Site of Ireland [includes pet-friendly holiday accommodations]

Ark Trust [their mission statement says it all:"cruelty can't stand the spotlight"]

ASPCA [of course you know them; but, have you seen their pet care section?]

Bide-A-Wee [one of America's first humane shelters, founded in 1903; no-kill!]

Canine Rescue Organizations [compact breed-specific list from Environment Web Directory]

FidoNYC [helping New York City shelters find loving homes for adoptable animals; cool site!]

House Rabbit Society [non-profit rescue group; much info on caring for your pet bunny]

Kennebec Valley Humane Society [our local animal shelter; Sheba came from there :-)]

Mercy Crusade [more than fifty years of humanitarian service to defenseless animals in need]

Mining Co./ Guide to Animal Rights [well-maintained and varied collection of sources]

Performing Animal Welfare Society [a true sanctuary for abandoned/abused performing and exotic animals]

Progressive Animal Welfare Society [huge Washington State animal advocacy/direct care organization]

Pets/Pet Care (to Category List)

AllPets [everything about every pet: small or large; padding, trotting, flying or slithering!]

American Pet Association [dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership]

Basic Rules for Cats Who Have a House to Run [utterly hilarious...and true! :-) ]

Care for Pets [dazzling gift from the American Veterinary Medical Association ]

Complete Hamster Site [ultimate resource for all lovers of these darling little creatures]

CyberPet [all kinds of info for dog and cat people; fun look, too]

Flippy's Cat Page [great fun for all humans owned by cats :-) ]

Guide to Cats [excellent resource for anyone with a Fur Person Boss in his/her life]

Healthy Pet [search the tips, find a vet, ask a question; from American Animal Hospital Assoc]

HelpingAnimals [vital preparedness info to help your furry companion survive a natural disaster]

Just for Parents [advice on that big new-family-member decision; kids' roles in pet care]

Maine Coon Cat Breed Council [supporting genetic diversity and better health for the breed]

Morris Animal Foundation [improving the health and well-being of companion animals and wildlife]

NetVet [comprehensive resource for owner and professional alike; includes an Electronic Zoo]

Pet Channel [excellent! enormous! well worth a visit]

Pet CPR [step-by-step illustrated instructions; plus other First Aid info]

Pet Links Directory [broad collection; part of the super Harmony's World of Pets site]

PetNet [bountiful site from the Petcare Information & Advisory Service of Australia]

Pet Owners Education & Training Foundation [mostly after-death care; but some rescue info]

PetStation [dedicated to furthering awareness of natural and enlightened pet-keeping]

Rainbow Bridge [a place of solace and sharing for those faced with that awful time of parting]

Skunks as Pets [a mine of info about these dear (and unfairly maligned) little furballs]

Ten Commandments for Responsible Pet Owners [beautiful, moving, thought-provoking]

UK_Pets [this valuable new directory is very well worth visting]

VetInfo [learn all about pets' medical needs, including Expectant Mamma cats and dogs]

Wild Animals/Conservation (to Category List)

AfriCam [real-time wildlife views from some of Africa's great wilderness areas; fantastic!]

American Bear Assoc [promotes the well-being of the black bear across North America]

Born Free Foundation [begun in the spirit of the Adamsons by stars of the film, Born Free]

International Rhino Foundation [dedicated to conserving the world's five species of rhinoceros]

Los Angeles Dolphin Project [first long-term study of marine mammals in LA's coastal waters!]

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania [undoubtedly the world's best-known wildlife sanctuary]

Shambala Preserve/Roar Foundation [Tippi Hedren's loving refuge for big kitties and others]

World Wildlife Fund [dedicated to protecting the world's wildlife and wildlands]

Zoos/Zoological Gardens (to Category List)

Birmingham (Alabama) Zoo [site has been scaled-back, but still provides essential info]

Bronx Zoo [great place! it's the largest metropolitan wildlife conservation park in the US]

Dublin Zoo [beautiful; with updates on African Plains, part of a £15 million development plan]

National Zoo (US) [America's tribute to the animal kingdom]

San Diego Zoo [home of baby panda, Hua Mei; see her live, on PandaCam]

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