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This is a wildly eclectic collection of sites that are worth visiting primarily for sheer entertainment . . .
 but which, in many cases, still offer both grown-ups and kids real information, as well. Enjoy! :-)

Al Roker's Home Page [solid weather info and super cartoons!]

Alfred Hitchcock/Master of Suspense [a must for every Hitch fan]

Ben & Jerry's Fun Stuff [life is a bowl of ice cream - and lots more!]

Bureau of Missing Socks [working to solve the issue of what happens to missing single socks]

Church Bulletin Bloopers [actual stuff...actually printed...totally rollicking]

Cirque du Soleil [renowned artistic combination of traditional circus and street performance]

Famous Birthdays [a kick! find out who shares your natal day]

The Fifties [the real-life rendition of Happy Days; site is billed as "Boomer enhanced" :-)]

Interna'l Society of Cryptozoology [investigates evidence of Lake Monsters, Yeti and pals]

International Wizard of Oz Club [home-base for anyone who ever dreamed of Oz]

Internet Movie Database [searchable film/tv info; extensive!]

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood [yes! as always, super kids' activites + sound parental advice]

Museum of Questionable Medical Devices ["The Quackery Hall of Fame"...odd ideas galore!]

Museum of Questionable Nostalgia [clips of memorable moments from television's past]

Nessie on the Net in Scotland! [much fun; you can even hunt for Nessie via Live Cam!]

Orphanage of Cast-off Mascots [now unwanted, these little guys were once advertising icons]

Rumpole Page [a romp for fans of the BBC and PBS Mystery series created by John Mortimer]

The Simpsons [ah, why not?]

Strange Laws [hilariously funny obsolete, but still enforceable, US state and local laws]

Strange Science [very early ideas in paleontology and biology; don't miss the Goof Gallery!]

Stories of George the Hamster [site devoted to the late George, talented author and rodent]

Useless Information [wonderfully entertaining collection of minutia that's anything but useless!]

Note: While a sincere effort has been made to ensure that every resource listed here is safe and family-friendly,
there's no substitute for any child's Number One Friend - the grown-up in his/her life!
Besides, Surfing the Web is never more fun than when you Surf together!

~ Privacy ~
No personal information of any kind is ever collected from this site, nor will any ever be collected.
Moreover, cookies are not used here nor will they ever be used; since I refuse to accept any cookies myself,
it would be less than honest of me to ask otherwise of anyone else.

However, there are many sites on the Web which do either request information and/or collect it unbeknownst to users.
This not only shows a lack of respect for visitors but, where children are concerned, can be dangerous.

Please, always urge your children to check sites for privacy statements and, above all, caution them to
never reveal their names, addresses and/or telephone numbers on any Web site nor to any individuals they may meet on the Net.

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