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Ancient History & Archaeology (to Category List)

More at General Reference and Irish Buffet

Akrotiri [amazingly preserved Aegean gem offering a glimpse of Ancient Greece]

Ancient Civilizations & Lost Cities [the Sumerians, Historical Eliki, the Coliseum, Pompeii]

Archaeology on the Net [gigantic collection of links to worldwide archaeological resources]

Byzantine & Medieval Studies Sites [nearly exhaustive list of links from Fordham University]

Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations [insights into ancient Greece, Rome, China, India & Egypt]

Egyptian Antiquities [Egypt's Ministry of Tourism guide to history, kings, gods and monuments]

Exploring Ancient World Cultures [on-line college-level "textbook" of ancient world cultures]

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World [a very thorough examination; sumptuous! superior!]

European History (to Category List)

Find more at Irish Buffet, General Reference and Some Scribes

17th Century England & France [the countries' history, food and etiquette of the period]

A Brief History of Albania [concise, fascinating; from early origins to the present]

Battle of Culloden Moor [1746 clash between Scottish Stuart defenders and England]

European Voyages of Exploration-15th/16th Cent [resplendent tutorial from Univ of Calgary]

H-France [promoting the discussion, study, and teaching of French history and culture]

H-Italy [a central source for information in the field of Italian history]

Inn Sign Society [fun UK site; find out how Inns got their names and other neat stuff]

Mythology & History of Greece [excellent introductory resource; good background and links]

Old English Pages [superb Old English & Anglo-Saxon resources from Georgetown Univ ]

Medieval English Towns [gorgeous and scholarly; truly exceptional]

Interesting Periods in Modern History (17th-20th Centuries) (to Category List)

17th Century - Daily Life & Culture [super! covers many aspects of life in many countries]

18th Century Costume Resources [find just about anything on the period, dress and decor]

18th-Century Resources [copious body of work, spanning all fields and parts of the world]

1950s [cool nostalgia for Baby-Boomers; giggles for their (our) kids! :-)]

Health in the 17th Century [fascinating glimpse into a rather inelegant period in medical history]

Industrial Revolution [a comprehensive study and research source; well worth a visit]

Rock Radio Retrospective Alive! [excellent; all sorts of neat info about early Top 40 Radio]

Victorian History Overview [more than an "overview," it's an exhaustive source of information!]

Victoriana Museum Sites [wonderful collection of links and historical data; fascinating!]

International Events (to Category List)

A World at War [the history of World War II; a truly vast catalogue of resources and links]

Death Of An Archduke, 1914 [the pivotal event that sparked World War I]

Forgotten Holocaust [who were Hitler's 5 million Non-Jewish Victims? find out here]

History of Education [superior resource; lots of on-topic links]

History of the United Nations [succinct and easily readable; from the official UN site]

Voices of the Holocaust [1946 interviews with survivors representing all groups and nationalities]

Museums, Memorials & Libraries (to Category List)

More at General Reference, Some Scribes, Irish Buffet and All About Maine

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library [crammed with info, history, research aids; plus, plus!]

Madame Tussaud's [London home of the world's most famed wax museums]

Molly Brown House Museum [home of that most famous survivor of RMS Titanic]

Monticello [Thomas Jefferson's fascinating home; also on the Web, his autobiography]

National Museum of American History [a gloriously rich experience! from the Smithsonian]

Newseum [opened on April 18, 1997, it's the world's first interactive news museum!]

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Museum [cool online tour]

US Holocaust Memorial [lest we forget 11 million people died, over half of them Jewish]

US & North Amercian History (to Category List)

More at General Reference, Some Scribes and All About Maine

American Civil War Homepage [an absolute gold mine of information; don't miss it!]

Archiving Early America [stunning! superb! sterling! good, too :)]

Ash Lawn-Highland [historic, beautiful home of President James Monroe]

Frederick Douglass Museum & Cultural Center [life, times and work of the great abolitionist]

Amelia Earhart [excellent site! from her early life to mysterious last flight]

History Buff's Mall [historical US newspaper coverage of major events, plus searchable library]

Norton I [San Francisco resident who, in 1859, became self-proclaimed Emperor of the US!]

Tenement Museum [97 Orchard St on NYC's Lower East Side; recapturing immigrant life]

Life of Harriet Tubman [Underground Railroad Conductor and very great lady]

Wreck of the Bohemian 1864 [by an eyewitness; "aboard was John E Fitzgerald, a politician"]

Misc Research Sites & Stuff that Just Didn't Fit Anywhere Else (to Category List)

Allexperts History [volunteers provide free one-on-one expert answers to history questions]

Folklore Links [global folkloric studies resources, courtesy of Britain's Folklore Society]

The Days of History [dozens of links to a huge variety of "Today in History" sites]

Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century [replete with maps and info; many maps are clickable]

History Center [searchable database of worldwide historical biographies, events, etc.; great!]

World-Wide Web Virtual Library/History Index [simply humongous!]

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