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Last Updated Wednesday 28 July 1999

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Search Engines for Kids: [general search engines/directories follow]
    Ask Jeeves - for Kids


    Lycos Top 5% for Kids


General Search Engines [kids should always be supervised with these]:

555-1212.com [Business listings, from around the globe]


Archie Services [ftp gateways, courtesy of Nexor; under expansion]

AskJeeves [meta searcher; daddy of the Kids' version]

Critical Mass [simply stupendous smorgasbord of scintillating selections; check it out today!]

Deja News



Google [really neat meta searcher]


Image Surfer

Inference Find!



LookSmart [nicely laid-out directory/search engine]



MetaCrawler [send one query to several search engines, all at once!


NetGuide Live

SavvySearch [speedy metasearcher]

Search Ireland [very, very nice Dublin-based search engine/directory]

Search Maine

Starting Point



WhoWhere? [neat way to find people and places on the Net; now part of Lycos]


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