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January 27, 2006

My Webcam

Filed under: — Sven @ 15:28 GMT

Visit my webcam at:


When posting this it’s pointing at very interesting location, my back yard, and currently updates every 60 seconds. The camera is hooked up to my laptop which has a wireless connection, so long there is a plug around I can put it anyplace within range. Don’t expect it to be up 24 hours a day.

My question is, what should I point it at? Please post any ideas you have, no matter how silly. Some of my ideas include:

  • Where the cat often naps.
  • The cat door, see if he brings any critters in.
  • Main Street, where speeders often get pulled over.
  • The stove: “What’s Sven cooking?”
  • The TV. Would that be legal?

I don’t expect anybody but me to watch it in the long-term. I just thought somebody might think of something clever.

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