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January 18, 2006

Blog Awards Sponsorship

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Damien is looking for corporate sponsorship of categories for the Irish Blog Awards. If you are with a company that would be interested in sponsoring, please contact him.

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Hubby’s gonna kill me, cause I’m being such a waffler on my new [tag]mobile[/tag].

I don’t like the Moto interface that I have now. I use the Voda webtext more than anything, cause I don’t think the Moto that intuituve. So I’m looking at new phones (and a new carrier, JEEZ Voda is expensive!)

The two phones I’m looking at are the Nokia 6230i and the Sony Ericsson W800i. Why am I torn? Here’s why:

Nokia: Love the interface. Everyone knows it. Good cam, good phone. Battery life *sucks*, from what I’ve heard. Screen is a little small, and only okay resolution.

SonyEricsson: Supposedly the best phone out there right now. The cam is freaking 2mp! The MP3 player in it isn’t the big deal for me. The screen is apparently awesome. Battery life is amazing (9 hours talk, I think, or standby…whichever, it’s double the Nokia). The interface tho…I only played with a SE interface for about 2 minutes, and I don’t know if I like it or not.

My problems are thus: If the interface is the thing, why not go with the Nokia? Cause the SE is apparently the better phone! And the battery is better. But on the Nokia, the battery life thing can be fixed (a little) by a sw upgrade, apparently. (And the shop guy said his goes a couple days without a charge.) And I like the interface.

So I’m torn. ALL OPINIONS WELCOME, please!!!!


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