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January 26, 2002


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A lot of things happened at work last week and I needed a drink. So, yesterday, on the way home I asked 余艾蕾 if she would like a Hong Kong martini when we get home. A Hong Kong martini is just a regular martini with a 甜話梅 in lieu of the traditional olive. She said she didn’t want something that strong, and I wanted something with dry vermouth. Consulting my copy of Cocktail: The Drinks Bible for the 21st Century I came across a good candidate. The vermouth cassis has 1½ ounces of dry vermouth and a ½ ounce of créme de cassis, stired with ice, strained into a chilled wine glass, and topped with soda water. While I didn’t have any créme de cassis in the house, I did have a half bottle of grand marnier. So I dub the drink the vermouth marnier, just like a vermouth cassis but with grand marnier instead of créme de cassis. 余艾蕾, who usually doesn’t like grand marnier, thought this was a good drink. I’ll try it out on my mother during tomorrows Eagles game.

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