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May 16, 2012

Interview on EastCoast FM

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I realized I never posted the interview on here! Here’s me talking to Declan Meehan from EastCoast FM about life, love and digital legacy. Very general interview, but wow it went fast!

Life, Love and Digital Legacy with Elana Kehoe

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May 15, 2012

Digital Legacy

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There are many types of digital legacies, I’m learning.  There are the ones that people know B for best: Zen and the Art of the Internet, the CuD archivist, EFF supporter, gcc/c++ programmer. But then there’s a few layers under that as well, like his Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and this site and blog.  Those are the more public legacies, the more enduring ones because of sites like Archive.org.

But what of his personal digital legacy? What of his multiple home computers and the information (or lack of) on them?  Password files, financial files, stories and notes, his vast email archives?

What do you do when you are next of kin to a geek?


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