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January 6, 2006

The word's being run by a bunch of 12 year-olds

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I get a pretty steady supply of suggested links for The Kids on the Web, a collection of Web pages I started back in 1995 (10 years ago, my goodness I can’t handle some of these realizations). Not all of the email is constructive. Some is just plain silly. For example, today I was asked to link to a site where my “kids” could “Explore a worldwide directory of MBA programs and business schools that includes admission tips, scholarship links, and glossary of terms.” MBA? The Master of Business Administration degree doesn’t seem to really be in line with more than 99% of what my site is offering.

I wrote back with the simple question, “What age group of children do you believe would find these of interest? ” The response was one of the most entertaining yet.

Dear my friend.
well they can find about 12 age.
I would like to exchange link with you.
please let me know if you are agree.

Since I’ve yet to meet a 12 year-old with a focus on getting their MBA, I wrote back with the brief response, “No thank you.”

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New Emacs

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I’ve been using GNU Emacs built from CVS at work. About once a month I update the files and rebuild. Today I rebuilt it, first time since 2005-11-30, and space no longer does file name completion, tab does. When I think about it this is a better idea, but I’ve been hitting space since Widener, when Gopher was popular.

My Dad quit smoking, after pneumonia and a week of almost never getting out of bed because felt like crap. I guess I can switch from space to tab.

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