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January 26, 2006

Food today

Filed under: — elana @ 19:11 GMT

As I try to make sure to do more blogging regarding food, I thought I’d list what we ate today…

For lunch, our classic roasted red pepper and carrot soup. Great for a yukky day like today, esp when P and I both have colds and Magda thinks she’s getting one (from us, of course). Simple and fast, that soup. It’s not actually ours, it’s from Avoca, but one of our favorites, for all year round.

Dinner was a Jamie Oliver recipe, from Happy Days, his third book. I don’t remember the actual name of it, but it was salmon fillets, baby beetroot, watercress and a creamy horseradish sauce. Oh YUM. I didn’t think that beets and creamy horseradish would go well, but they doooooo.

I’m trying to suck down as much hot lemon and honey as I can…thank heavens I love honey and lemon :-).

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Grotesque Code

Filed under: — Sven @ 18:11 GMT

Have you ever writting some horrible code that works you. Then stare and stare at it for a way to make it cleaner and nothing comes to mind? I think I’ll keep it and think of it as grotesque, like gargoyles.

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