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January 12, 2006

et alia

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I always like the concept of USENET, Gnutellia, Podcasts, et alia. No central control. Even if the creators, corporate backers, et alia, should go away they will still continue. Look at those chumps that liked NeXT, BeOS, et alia, *puff*, they are gone. If Mr. Torvold, Mr. Stallman, et alia, fell into one of Mr. Dunderbeck’s machine GNU/Linux would still go on.

So, I missed an Internet cultural revolution. Online communities of people I’ve never met with easy to use interfaces (sorry USENET). I’ve had a few online acquaintance but they have all faded out after a time. I skipped things like Frapper, MySpace, et alia, as they have central control. I was listening to a Podcast the other day, and the announcer asked me to put myself on his Frapper map. *click*, *click*…*type*, *type*, a little pin over Yardley, PA, USA (er Morrisville, PA, stupid shared Zip Code) with my name on it was now there.

I day or so later Frapper sent me email, The following members have joined since you last checked .... A few hours after that username from location would like to be your friend. “Lemonade? I made it just for you!” Was this friend I cry in the dark for help? A lonely soul grasping at the last vestiges of hope to a stranger who listened to the same Podcast? No, it was some band trying to promote themselves. I guess they got the email The following members have joined since you last checked\nSven Heinicke. Plus, when I visit my Frapper account it tells me “Currently you do not have any friends.” Now I’m depressed, perhaps on my last vestiges of hope and should reach out to strangers who listen to the same Podcast as I. Perhaps I should start a band?

Well, I haven’t tried to remove my Frapper account yet, and the band did have some cool songs on there MySpace page. I’m considering making this band my friend. That way I will not be reminded that I “do not have any friends.” Sigh.

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Best. Blonde. Joke. Ever.

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