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January 23, 2006

TiVo is pretty cool

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I called TiVo today to ask about having our account suspended or put on hold, since we’ll be away for a while and would prefer to not pay their fees. You can’t suspend an account, unfortunately, you have to cancel and then start up again. If you cancel and sign up, you’re doing it as a new user again and commit to a 12-month contract again, among other things.

Or, TiVo will just give you a credit for the cost of the automated charges for the duration of your absence, effectively making it not cost you anything to keep the service going. If we’re back earlier than I estimated, it’s effectively free TiVo.

Positive side: this is awesome, it makes it much easier.

Negative side: I wonder what it’ll take for this to go away cuz too many people are lying to get free service?

Or maybe TiVo will just absorb this in exchange for their customers being really happy?

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