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January 20, 2006

Phone resolution

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I did it. I decided. I went with the Nokia 6230i, mainly cause I liked the interface. Even if it didn’t use iSync with my iBook, I found (and bought) a program called Phone Director, which allows the Nokia 6230, 6230i, 7280, 7380, 8800 all to connect to the Mac, with more info and easier use than iSync. Loving this. I’ve tricked out the phone with my Serenity wallpaper, ringtones, message tones, and I’m working on getting the “No power in the ‘verse” as my startup sound :-).

Mucho thanks to Marie at the Tullamore Carphone Warehouse for dealing with dummy me who didn’t think things through about half the stuff we did!!

I should have the same number (for those of you who have it) once the porting from Vodafone to Meteor is done.

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