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April 24, 2011

Easter Through the Internet

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(I used up a lot of my evening time getting something technical working, as noted below, so this blog post will be a little short. 🙂 )

This morning, I got to talk with the boys through a Skype video chat and wish them a happy Easter. They both proudly presented their chocolate easter eggs and baskets, and were a delight.

Happy Us Day

With thanks to our dear friend Magda, the boys had a fun Easter afternoon with her, some friends, and her family specifically so Elana could come in for a while.  And, they’re spending the night at her place to give E a much-needed break.  It was a lot of fun, and we both felt great knowing she didn’t have a specific hard deadline for her exit.

Platelets still to come

Despite the platelets I received yesterday, my count only made it up from 19 to 20. The haemotologist from the team who’s working the ward today explained some of the reasons this could happen, including a chance my body just didn’t like them as close enough a match to my blood type. They’re not worried, so neither am I. If the number is under 20 tomorrow (likely), they’ll do another bag.

Hospital Hack

By way of steps I won’t write in detail here, I’m now able to use my laptop or my Android mobile phone to listen, via the hospital wifi, to any of the music which is on our Macbook at home.

Ahhhhhhhh. Between this and the great collections of music friends have loaned me on their MP3 players, I’m armed to have all sorts of stuff to enjoy.

While I’m knitting at the same time, of course. Tunes like AC/DC are serious knitting motivation tools, I’ve found.

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