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April 29, 2011

Sports, Weddings, and Bar Mitzvahs

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Today was pretty smooth and non-eventful (well, for us here). I’m attributing it to the weekend about to start being the second 3-day break in a row.  The whole country’s taking relaxation pills.  Ireland likes to have “Bank Holiday Monday” once a month for most of the year.  It’s probably no coincidence that Easter’s Bank Holiday Monday at the end of April coincided perfectly with May Bank Holiday (what others call May Day or Labour Day, though Ireland plants it on the first Monday in May instead of May 1st).

It sounds like at least a few nurses around this hospital took the day off solely to watch the Royal Wedding[tm] which was in the middle of the day.  Some of the female nurses who were working reportedly timed their regular break to coincide perfectly with the actual marriage ceremony.  There are so many words you could try to use to describe the level of obsession going on about the wedding event; it was on most of the TV channels.

Apparently the wedding was enough of a big deal that it meant some nurses chose to take the obs (measure your blood pressure, etc) before the wedding.  One explained that they never check blood pressure during a football match.  Apparently something similar happens with big fancy internationally-televised weddings.

Note to self

Each day when I get the growth stimulating hormone shot in my tummy, I have to remember to share the tip I got from great male Nurse D today: if you don’t pinch the skin when inserting the needle, the injection itself DOES NOT HURT.  When you pinch it, it feels like the tissue inside is burning for about 3 seconds.

Maybe I’ll find an Android app to remind me of this on a daily basis.

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