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April 1, 2011

Easier Day, No Foolin’

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Today has been a pretty smooth day.  I did some reading and a Sudoku puzzle before Elana arrived for a great visit.  For fun (really), I knit more rows, and felt better about how I was doing it, despite mess-ups with names like dropped stitch and yarn-over.  S’ok, I’m going to keep trying.  After I’ve eaten my dinner soon, I’ll listen to the Drivetime news show on the radio while knitting.  You know, like most men do on a nice evening.  😀  They could; they could…

Hospital motto: Eat Early, Eat Rarely

Our friend Roseanne sent in a box of Innocent smoothies which are heavenly.  I just spent about half an hour sitting in the high-backed chair enjoying my cheesy novel, the rest of some yummy crackers left by my Aunt Mary, and another smoothie.  Perfect.  Now I’m listening to a podcast, No Agenda, while writing this up before my 4:30pm dinner.  I have no idea why the afternoon seems like a good choice for serving your followup meal of the day?  Though lunch is always more ample than dinner.  So instead I’m able to get small packets of crackers, cheese, and butter from a helpful nurse to eat around 7-8pm tonight, since there’s no way food at 4:30 is going to last til the morning. 🙂  (Particularly since I’m too damn tall and definitely need more weight.)

Oh yeah, the medical part

My doctor and her team visited and said they’re going to watch the count, and if on Monday it’s still not moved, they’ll do a marrow sample just to see if there’s anything going on.  (This part sucks because despite all the local anaesthetic, last time there were a couple of hefty pain jolts when actually drawing out the marrow.)  I don’t know yet what the plan will be based on those results.  My guess is trying growth stimulation. But they’re still taking confidence in my continued good health (fingers crossed), so we’ll see.

Hair is truly optional

A shower today freed me of more of the hassle of hair on my head and hair in (what was?) my beard.  It’s not all gone, but it’s getting pretty slim.  My military cut from only four days ago looks like a full head of hair and decent beard in comparison. 🙂  We’ll get another picture up soon for the fun of seeing the stark difference.  Honestly, I’m finding the hair loss hilarious: receding hair line worries entering my 40s seem truly inconsequential in comparison to the volume of what chemotherapy has pulled off—so to speak.

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