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April 20, 2011

Home for the Day

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Even though my numbers are dropping (white cells and neutrophils went from 2.4-2.6 each yesterday down to 0.8 this morning), my doctor said it’d be okay if I went home just during the day today, and return to the hospital tonight.

Okay by me!  It was a really wonderful day; lunch and dinner at home (thanks to E for real treats), and nice chats with a few friends on our neighborhood road.  And plenty of chances to enjoy the company of both Elana and our boys.   Without much of a beard now, it’s easier for more of me to glow.

My counts will keep going down over the next 2 or 3 days (my estimates may well be far off from the real versions), meaning my energy levels will decrease a bit more and my immune system will be more vulnerable to infection.  So this was my window of opportunity for at least the next week or so, I expect.   This, in particular, made it all the more worth doing.  I’m lucky I was able to; we had set ourselves up to accept either possibility.

One of the two night nurses just came in to give me my daily shot, shortly after I got my evening meds in the requisite little plastic cup.  I’m still in the routine, I know, but I’m there with clear images from a really nice break, however brief it may have been.

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