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April 11, 2011

Firefox must-haves

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I had to reinstall Firefox 3.6.15 on my laptop (3.6.16 and 4.0 both crash when presented with a weird SSL certificate from the hospital’s Cisco wireless box).  As I went along trying to figure out a way to avoid the bug, I went with a fresh user profile.  I got my bookmarks via Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks… -> Import, pointing it at old profile under

C:\Users\Brendan Kehoe\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ngg032uh.default

But I still had to redo all of my Add-Ons and such.  And later, when I decided I wanted to use Firefox 4.0 most of the time (much faster!), I needed the same list.

My list of must-haves, written down here so I won’t have to make as much of an effort next time I have to do this:

  1. FlashBlock
  2. AdBlock Plus
  3. NoScript
  4. QuickProxy
  5. BlockSite (to block the hospital wifi server at which has a bad SSL cert causing versions other than Firefox 3.6.15 to crash; this way I can use Firefox 4.0 and keep 3.6.15 independently installed solely to authenticate on the wireless)
  6. GreaseMonkey
  7. GreaseMonkey user script Allow Password Remembering, which overrides ‘autocomplete=”off”‘.  That attribute appears in the HTML of the hospital’s wireless server authentication page. Without this, I have to manually type in the username and password required to be able to use the hospital’s wireless. This great hack makes it possible for Firefox to retain both and free me from having to type them in constantly.
  8. Better Gmail 2
  9. DownloadThemAll! (batch downloading)
  10. Add to Search Bar (so I can easily add www.google.ie)
  11. F.B. Purity

I wonder what I’ve forgotten? 🙂

Are there any I should definitely add?

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