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June 15, 2005

A New Live8 eBay Outrage

Filed under: — alice @ 11:36 IST

It took no small effort, but eBay were finally shamed into banning sales of Live 8 tickets from their sites.

Ah, but never let it be said that the bottom feeders of this world are so easily dissuaded from capitalising on anything, in any way they can.

So now, if you type “Live 8 Domain” into eBay’s search bar, you’ll get a list of 19 Domain Names, all referencing the concert; e.g.: “www.live8.name,” “live8reservations.com,” “live8tickets.info,” etc., etc..

Of that 19, 18 Domain Names are being auctioned by a single seller – tjpropres in New Jersey. In his/her/its auction descriptions, the Seller includes this charming paragraph:

Whoever owns this domain could use it to redirect traffic to your existing website, or for the ticket information that thousands of people are going to want to know about! You could even sell tickets. It’s a golden opportunity, don’t wait until it’s too late, bid or buy it now!

I’ve let RTÉ know that this is going on … I really hope they’ll follow up.

Needless to say, I’ll also be getting on to both eBay and PayPal [this lowlife’s preferred payment method] about this straight away. Please do the same if you agree that this sort of carry-on needs to be stopped.


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