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June 21, 2005

Fedora Core 3 to Core 4

Filed under: — Sven @ 08:14 IST

I just did a Fedora update from Core 3 to Core 4. Never in the past has a Red Hat or Fedora upgrade ever worked for me.

Also, comming soon is the Rerun, AKA zen.org, upgrade. I’ll try to post another warning the day before I do it.

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Filed under: — Sven @ 07:48 IST

This is yet another Blog entry that should be skipped. I drone on about nothing.

I usually try to do some reflection on days like this, and this Midsummer I have a lot to reflect on, I will spare you the details. I had to fill out my last time card here at work and I gave myself a half day today. So ZoĆ« and I should be getting our vegetables as normal Tuesday events occur, just a little early. We haven’t even finished last weeks food. Anybody local reading this? Wanna split the share?

Midsummer is a little weird, gardens are just getting into swing and days are only getting shorter. This morning at 06:46, about the moment spring turned into summer, I think Marvin was meowing for more food. With my new job, I think my wheel of fortune is on a upturn.

Nothing happening here at work. I guess I’ll listen to some podcasts and go home.

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