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June 24, 2005

Last Day at NEC Laboratories America

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This morning I was sprite and chipper. Off to NEC I was to go for the last time. I pet the cat and weeded the garden, jumped in the SAAB much later then normal. The night before I picked up a copy of The Cartoon Guide to Genetics at my soon to be boss’s request. As I drove I thought of Mendel’s peas, It gave me flashbacks to High School science class, the last time I read about these. So unless jury duty puts me on a case, the 5th of July Perl and MacOS I will again embrace. I haven’t use either for quite a while, and putting them together will be a bit strange. With memories mixing of high school, Wired, and my old Machintosh SE, I think something new and cool awaits me.

At work, with nothing to do, a small pile of stuff to take home. A few more hours of twiddling my thumbs. Perhaps a few more questions for people to ask. One last lunch to eat alone, though yesterday four people did take me out. I will miss the place from over a year ago, but since then I’ve been longing for it to end. There is worry about changing jobs, but no more then normal.

Now NEC is having a blackout, so I have to go.

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