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June 14, 2005

the Zaurus doesn't make for a great nameserver?

Filed under: — brendan @ 11:08 IST

Out of suspicion, I tried putting our ISP’s nameservers at the top of my /etc/resolv.conf. Then I repeated some steps I’d just done—checking for new mail, visiting a particular site—and they were much much faster. This means I either misconfigured my Zaurus when I set it up to take over nameservice for our network, or something about it just makes it be slow responding.

I’ll be hopeful and review how I configured maradns; perhaps it just needs a tweak?

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32bit or 64bit

Filed under: — Sven @ 08:00 IST

Does anybody know it the Intel Mac will be 32bit or 64bit?

While I haven’t spent a lot of time looking, I have spend a little time with no luck. Maybe I just don’t know how to look for Mac informaiton. According to the June 11 User Friendly strip: “AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGH!! APPLE IS MOVING TO X86 ARCHITECTURE!!”, but I’m not sure if that is a valid information source.

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