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November 23, 2004

Web Web Logs

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It’s weird going through my old blog entries and thinking of titles for them. The thoughts from weeks ago are often gone, I’m not really sure of the mood I was in.

I am already missing some features of my old software. WordPress features includes “Instant publishing with no rebuilding,” I’m a little worried if the Pentium II this server is can take regenerating a page ever visit!

I also liked that that my entry systems was not web based, I could easily use spell checkers. Now I’m stuck in this low feature box. My spelling is bad enough as it is.

The thing that really bugs me in the timezone. The goal of my blog software was to make in so you could set the timezone differently for each post. So if I was in San Francisco when I posted I would put PST. Here everything is stuck in eastern time. I never finished that feature, but it still bugs me.

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