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November 22, 2004

Almost there…

Filed under: — brendan @ 15:59 GMT

I’ve nearly got a perl script done using DBI to copy all of my posts and E’s from our respective WordPress databases into the new common zen one. Just need to spend a little more time figuring out how to make the comments end up attached to the correct post.

UPDATE: Woo hoo! It looks like it worked pulling all of my posts in, with their comments, and adjusting categories. Now to try for E’s …
UPDATE 2: I’ve got both of us in place now. If I try to use wp-rss2.php it even shows the RSS enclosure properly. However, when you point iPodder-X at it, you get “zen.org Communal Weblog” for the title of the feed, not “The Accidental Cook” as we’d like. This seems to be from wp-rss2.php using the bloginfo() function with 'name' as the argument. Hmm. Wonder how you can make the title of the blog change if you choose a different category (in this case, cat=10)?

Hmm, and when you get the RSS feed from the site, it doesn’t identify the author of each post.

UPDATE 3: Aha, adding a link category “Authors” made it possible to add a list on the right of each person posting. That means you can click on that to use the (not obvious) URL to see posts only by that person. TODO: make the calendar properly reflect the dates that have posts by the person chosen.

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Firefox Woes

Filed under: — Sven @ 10:24 GMT

Last Friday I upgraded my work desktop system, Debian Sarge, to Firefox 1.0 via the Debian packages. Today I come into work and I can’t launch it. Some web searching indicates that if I run Firefox as root first all will be well, no such luck. I can run it once after a reboot, so if I quit out of it it’s reboot city for me. I wonder if plain Mozilla works any better. At home, where I run Debian Sid, all seem well.

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