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November 19, 2004

here's the deal

Filed under: — elana @ 16:28 GMT

My RSI is back. Right arm. Trackpad arm. So I don’t know when we’ll be able to do much online, since I just need to rest the damn arm. I have my wrist support on (I shouldn’t even be typing right now, with it on), and I found my old kick ass left handed ergonomic mouse. No, not one of those wussy “ergo” mouses. This one was prescribed by my doc 6 years ago. It’s sooooo nice. Fits hand properly. Perfit mouse, made by Contour Designs. If you have arm pain, get one. And use it right. and stop typing and go for a walk.

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Uninstalling Sarge

Filed under: — Sven @ 10:33 GMT

In the beginning of September I installed four systems with Debian Sarge, a few weeks later I was rsyncing the old mixed Debian system back. Today I’m taking four different systems on the same cluster and putting Debian Sarge on them. Welcome to Samsara.

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