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November 18, 2004

SuSE 9.2: it's Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick

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When you select New Install from SuSE 9.2 Professional’s installation program, apparently you shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that it’s going to actually wipe your entire drive.

Turns out it saw that I had a root partition on /dev/hda1 before. My brief foray into trying out Mandrake 10.1 was on that original partition, but something—I forget what just now—made me reconsider and skip playing with Mandrake for now, instead going straight to enjoying SuSE 9.2. The installation process instead just gobble up the home partition on /dev/hda6 for its own new root-everything partition.

I’ll do it over again tomorrow and run through my ChangeLog (used to track every system change) just reiterating the steps I took this morning. I realized that I neglected to link what I did in my previous post, so I’ve uploaded my /etc/X11/XF86Config file (aka xorg.conf, I’m glad they’ve moved to X.org’s stuff) for an X-Windows that’s much faster and happier and the /etc/sysconfig/powermanagement file where I set ACPI_BUTTON_LID_CLOSE to be “hibernate”. Really, I didn’t have to tweak anything else. I did need to go back into YaST2’s installation interface and have it add tons of stuff that I want (fetchmail, firefox, emacs gasp it was missing, cvs, etc etc). But no other editing of random files.

The big pluses I’m seeing so far: I can hibernate the system via working ACPI support; it comes with KDE 3.3 already (and I’ve got 3.3.1 handy); much better wireless support (for the orinoco internal device and the prism2_cs-based Linksys card I sometimes elect to use); more polished YaST2 ways to configure things; and new “system profiles” so taking the laptop from one office to another is no longer a bullshit shell script.

The one loss: sound doesn’t work. Been that way before, and if I unload snd_ali5451 and instead load trident, it seems to work. I’m guessing ali5451 should work with a change of a variable somewhere. Ah, I’ll care after I reinstall.

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