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November 17, 2004

Big problem

Filed under: — elana @ 09:55 GMT

Here’s the big problem, as I see it, regarding Podcasts and OPML and all that…

there isn’t a SIMPLE page explaining it all in NORMAL human terms. I’ve been searching for what exactly OPML is, and how to do it, for about a half hour, and my eyes are crossing from all the tech terms. I think I got it now, but jeez….

Guys, if you want your software to get to the masses, YOU HAVE TO START MAKING IT ACCESSIBLE TO THE MASSES!!!!! We, the end lusers, have to understand simply what we’re doing. The fact that we still can’t get iPodderX to recognize our Podcast is just…dumb.

The funny thing is, I mentioned this almost 4 years ago at CFP in regards to encryption. Yeah, notice where the end user is with encryption right now….

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