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November 16, 2004

Why Accidental?

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Most people reading this will know that our son, P, has food allergies. Not severe, thank heavens, but present and uncomfortable for him. Once he was diagnosed, his doc said that we had to be incredibly strict about what he eats, and that he has a good chance of outgrowing the allergies. What we had to do was be vigilant about what he eats. No dairy of any type, eggs, tomatoes, strawberries, shellfish or nuts. Til he’s 3. Which meant for the next 17 months. I’m still nursing him (not too often, we’re at about 2x a day), so that means I’m off all that too. And if that’s the case, then B might as well be off it. So we try to not have anything in the house that would make him break out.

It’s much easier to do here (Ireland) than when we are in the States. The ingredients on ready made foods here look something like this:

Contains: Wheat flour, sugar, whole egg, skimmed milk powder, natural flavourings, E122, E723

Where in the States, a package of bread has more chemical names than everything I learned in chemistry class put together.

So we’ve learned how to read food labels really well. It’s interesting, you learn a lot from those labels and a bit of research.

We don’t really do much takeout anymore (tomato and dairy avoidance means no pizza, egg and nuts mean no Chinese, tomato and dairy also means no Indian, shellfish means….). The chipper around the corner does us well, once a week when we’re just freaking tired and don’t want to think anymore.

Most of our food is homecooked. And it’s pretty good. I’ve always liked cookbooks, I read them like regular books. So we’re learning how to adapt recipes using soymilk, Rice Dream rice milk, egg replacer and fake butter (as I call it. Most margarines still have dairy in them, we’ve found in Ireland that Pure doesn’t and is deeeelish for both spreading and cooking). Most recipes have turned out okay. Some we haven’t even tried yet. Toad In The Hole (sausages in mini Yorkshire puddings) even works decently. Any recipe that uses more than 2 eggs is out tho, the replacer doesn’t work for that.

Funniest thing we’ve found: Boland’s Custard Cream Biscuits don’t have custard or cream. And generic Double Stuf Oreos don’t have any dairy in them.

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