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November 16, 2004

Cauliflower Based Ham Soup

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Normally I try to stick to cooking vegetarian, but 余艾蕾 had this coupon, $10 off a ham. Now we have ham laying around the house, I was thinking about pasting the walls with it. Instead, I made this cauliflower based ham soup tonight, and it worked out surprisingly well! Unfortunately, I failed to take good notes, but here is the summary.

I started with about six inches of leek whites, well mostly whites, and a large garlic clove. I minced the garlic clove and chopped the leeks into a pile of rings. In the pot went two teaspoons of butter (I should of used oil I think) and the above mentioned onion matter and sautéed them.

I took half a large head of cauliflower and thinly chopped it; this made a mess as little bits of cauliflower flew all over the place. I threw the cauliflower in the pot and put enough water to cover it, and brought to a boil.

After the cauliflower started getting soft I made it into a purée; I used my hand held blender. Then in went in a healthy portion of white pepper, dash of salt (the ham already has a lot), a bunch of chopped ham cubes, a few spoons of mustard. I let that sit for a bit after stirring. Last, to balance with the red color of the ham, some peas.

Serve with a slice or two of pumpernickel bread for dipping. Now, only if 余艾蕾 would come home from work so I have somebody to serve it too.

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