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November 15, 2004

Sorry Everybody

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The BBC News doesn’t report on web sites until they have become really popular. So when an Election apology starts net feud, the worst must be over. That said, if you haven’t visited, http://sorryeverybody.com/, love it or hate it it’s worth a visit.

What I apologize for in the two-party systems. The powers that be only allow room for two pigeon holes, but there are five or six pigeons. The third parties get censored out by the two bigot ruling parties. Most registered voters, rather then voting for what they believe in feel they need to vote Democrat or Republican. The United States has a fa├žade Democracy; they say voters have a choice, but voting Democratic or Republican will result it nearly the same policies. The scary part is, I believe most Democrats and Republicans believe there is a large difference!

I think of the current two party systems this way. Vote Republican you are voting for a tractor trailer, Democratic an SUV. The question is: which vehicle would you like to run over you and your children?

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