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November 14, 2004

First audioblog?

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I think I’ve gotten the audio blog stuff to work. Now I just have to figure out how to post it for those of you interested in listening to it. Probably not many people, since I haven’t given out the URL of this yet.

Basically, I used the Engadget way of doing things. Pretty easy, overall. One small hiccup in the import and convert in iTunes…I couldn’t change the bit rate and the sample rate to make the comp happy. So I blew off that part, and it sounded better. But then it compressed down to 1.4M. I don’t know if that’s big or not, for about….44 seconds of audio? I guess I need to know what the hell I’m going to talk about before I start it…make every bit count .

I’m getting addicted to Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code. (Hmmm…just hit a bug. When using WordPress to create the above link, the link itself was under the parameters of the typing window…so it jumped back to the top of the entry.) Anyway, Adam’s funny, and geeky, and all that I look for in a man. Eerrrrrrr…all that I look for in a podcast. Yeah, that’s it. Any guy who will sit there and say “boooiiiiinnnggggggg” for 50,000 people…what a freak. In a good way. I think he’s like Howard Stern used to be when I was 10 and listened to him on AM radio in New York. So Adam’s influenced me enough to try podcasting. And I’m gonna do a cooking show. Somehow. Maybe I can do a videoblog, with separate audio if you need to watch. Or just rant about being a mom. But who the hell would listen to that? Ah, well, *you’re* reading this, so you’re not objective.

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