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November 11, 2004

Sex and the City vs. Ally McBeal

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One Friday in September 余艾蕾 and I got a high-definition television signal. All was well for a week or two until the cable box broke. For a month or so after that a myriad of unique Comcast employees and contractors filtered through our house replacing this or that, one even thought our 1Ghz line splitter was incorrect and replaced it with a 1000Mhz splitter. Finally the same guy who got us up and running on that Friday in September showed up, click, click on the remote control, and all was working again. He was in disbelief that we didn’t have high-definition for almost a month, and wrote that we should be reimbursed for our missed month. Instead we got high-definition HBO.

In general HBO is horrible, but I was sick a couple of days last week and found The Tuxedo mildly amusing, ★★★☆☆. Usually I turned it on and some horrible move is on that I would rather have a root canal then watch. Then there was Sex and the City; I had never seen Sex and the City before and found that it too is horrible. I left season one of Sex and the City an my Netflix list anyway. Last night 余艾蕾 and I watched the first two episodes of season one, and it is really good! I expect to put season two on my Netflix list too. I just wonder when it is going to get the huge ego the episodes I watched on HBO had. It took Ally McBeal about a season and a half to get horrible, I hope Sex and the City lasts longer.

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