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November 1, 2004

Irish pub grub

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The carvery lunch offered in many Irish pubs is a real treat for residents and tourists alike. The choices start at roast beef and continue on to include lasagne, roast lamb, fried cod, paninis & sandwiches, you name it. A simple order of the roast beef is met with the question, “All potato and veg with that?” The meat’s already magically appearing as if you’ve transported yourself to the main hall at Hogwarts, and behind you will be Harry Potter and Hermione waiting to get their chance to order.

A simple “Yes” to the question makes an unbelievable amount of food accumulate. Aside from enough meat for three people, mounds of vegetables appear: vast portions of mashed potato, roasted potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and roasted onions.

He looks up expectantly and asks, “Gravy?” How could he possibly add . . .

Nevermind. It fit, all four huge spoonfuls of it. By the time the serving is complete, you can’t see the surface of your large plate. The food rises up as if on top of a mound of soil for a freshly-dug basement.

Twenty minutes later, anyone walking by your table would see an empty plate but an obviously full tummy sitting across from it. Shaking their head as they make their way to the bar, they can only marvel at the capacity of the human appetite.

Couple your meal with a pint of Guinness and you’re ready for whatever the day may give you.

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