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June 23, 2011

Happy Hat-Maker

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Today was a decent day of visits and progress. Elana was able to be in this morning, and Doug came by in the afternoon. And, after lunch, I finished knitting the “Turn A Square” hat! We’ll have a picture tomorrow probably; it went home with Elana to do the last sewing up of the top, since the right needle size wasn’t here.

But there’s no big news on the medical front—in itself good news, I think. I’ve got a bit of an itchy rash on the upper thighs of my legs which they had a dermatologist come check out. I remember having something similar during the chemo in April, but this time I actually mentioned it instead of trying to just ignore it. 😀 It’s 50/50 whether it’s related to the chemo, the doctor said, but I’m pretty convinced given it appearing last time. They’ve given me some cream (Eumovate) which should clear up the inflammation over the next few days.

Cruel and Un-Just

Have I mentioned how cruel the Internet connection is here? It went down again this afternoon, and probably won’t be back until tomorrow. (This is going out through my mobile phone’s data connection, one trickle at a time.) Aside from the fact that it’s a wifi which wants you to give it a fresh username and password once every hour (found a way around that), it’s got real stability problems. The issue is bigger than just keeping patients placated with online fluff, though, since the nurses were apparently unable to access lab results off and on all day.

Makes you wonder if we’re any better off with all these electronics and fancy gear, huh?

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