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June 10, 2011

Pinch pinch, of all the nerve

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After blood samples taken today, all looked good enough to not need any transfusions, and now we’re just waiting for next week’s meeting on Tuesday.  A set of bone marrow samples—aspirate & biopsy—are likely sometime next week, with those results being part of deciding what follows.  (e.g., third round of chemo.)  We’ve not yet heard from the transplant team at St James’s Hospital, but figure we will in the next week or two.

Numbers still improving:

  • White cell count: 0.8 -> 1.6 -> 2.3 -> 7.3
  • Haemoglobin (I’d been incorrectly calling this the red cell count): 8.3 -> 10.4 -> 10.4 -> 10.7
  • Platelets: 28 -> 50 -> 67 -> 58
  • Neutrophils: 0.5 -> 1.2 -> 3.1 ( good range is 2 to 8 )

My energy levels are also getting better, a bit at a time.  I’ve been able to walk Eoin to his pre-school for the last three mornings, which was really wonderful.

Achy Breaky Nerve

A couple of days after my last biopsy, I started waking up with a decent ache in my right upper thigh, just before the knee.  It’d been going on for a while and impacting my sleep, making me sometimes wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning.  I asked one of the haemotologists about it last week.  He said he believes they pinched a nerve when they went did the biopsy via my pelvic bone.  It’ll be a few weeks before that pain goes away.  Argh!  It’s usually there in the morning when I wake up, but they gave me some pain killers (tramadol) to help alleviate the pain.  Taking one before I go to sleep the night before has made a big difference.

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