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June 15, 2011

Not the greatest news

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I’m going to do this, so B doesn’t have to.

He’s being readmitted this afternoon.  In the 3 weeks since his last bone marrow biopsy was taken, the leukemia has come back with a vengeance.  Physically, you can’t tell looking at him.  But the biopsy tells the story: the last biopsy they were looking at 4% leuk cells.  Yesterday’s had 70%. When he was admitted, he had 80+%.  We’re almost back at square one, but with less in our arsenal.  Since the first two rounds didn’t work, we have less choices for treatment.  He can’t get a transplant until he’s in remission (which he definitely is not).  So it’s a “severely toxic” dose of chemo this round, with Dr M almost guaranteeing the common side effects that B sidestepped last time.

We don’t know what the chemo meds are, or the duration yet: Dr M says that she won’t know til the meds are in her hands, either later today or tomorrow.  But I do know that as soon as she gets them, she’s going to start up the chemo.

B is in the boys room right now, playing Lego with them.  We pulled P from school early, since if this round is going to be so harsh, we don’t know how long it will be until he’s well enough (or strong enough) to be able to see the boys.

Thanks everyone for all your support and thoughts and whatevers.  They help us get through this a lot more than you know.  Things aren’t looking the rosiest right now, but as Michelle, one of our liaison nurses said today, “There is *always* hope.”

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