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June 19, 2011

Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

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The second 2-hour supply of cyclophosphamide went in this evening, after I had my 5pm dinner/tea. It was preceded by a blood transfusion and a transfusion of platelets—apparently my counts are doing their requisite drop to the floor, as expected. S’ok, pretend it’s the Spring with fresh crops getting ready to bloom.

Last night was enough sleep to make me reasonably energetic today. I spent a good length of time hacking on technical stuff again, which is refreshing (for some of us 🙂 ). With great thanks to my Aunts who came over to play with the boys, Elana and I got to spend some time together this afternoon.

Overall, a relatively smooth day. Fingers crossed the night goes by as successfully.

(Minor correction to yesterday’s blog post: Mesna before and after the cyclophosphamide is to protect the bladder. A different drug, rasburicase, is given ahead of the rest to protect the kidney.)

A different taste of Wimbledon

This week, I’ll be able to watch plenty of Wimbledon tennis, if I’m in the mood. This, at least initially, has a sad taste to it though, since for the last ten years we’ve been in Maine when it’s been on. So we’re used to seeing it on NBC, with John McEnroe and compatriots offering the commentary. Watching it here in Ireland, probably on a BBC station, will be a whole new experience. It’ll be new, and different, to match the rest of what’s going on lately—but at least the tennis itself will still be the same satisfying addiction.

Turn A Square

My hat knitting project is coming along pretty well so far. Maybe another week to go? I’ve already got the next project lined up: a pink Party Lace Scarf for Nurse S. She was the first nurse to ask me to make her a scarf shortly after I started learning back in March, and I figure I should follow through on the commitment. It will also be pretty challenging after a “plain” scarf and a hat; just take a look:

[ pink lace scarf image ]

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