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May 10, 2011

Thou Dost Groweth—A Little

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On Sunday my neutrophils reached 0.3, and this morning they were at 0.4. Slow, perhaps, but it’s apparently showing something’s happening. These are the specific white cells the doctors are watching most closely. Once they (finally?) go past the 1.0 mark for a couple of days in a row, they will stop the growth stimulating hormone shots.

Separately, one of the haemotology doctors this morning told me they’d gotten the results back from the blood test they sent off around April 28th. They showed I don’t have HLA antibodies combating the platelets. This is good news, in a way. There are apparently other reasons the platelets may not be staying high after I receive some. While there’s a small chance the test results aren’t correct (one of those statistics you just have to accept exists), it also suggests that they may not have to seek platelets specifically matched directly to me. We’ll see how things progress.

Knit This, Baby

I’m reaching the end of the second ball of yarn out of three total for my first-ever knitting project. Elana’s got a picture of how it looks so far, which we’ll try to get online soon.

Wonder what I should knit after the scarf is finished?

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