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May 12, 2011

Counting Onwards

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White cells were at 1.0 yesterday, and the blood sample taken this morning had them up to 1.5. The ever-interesting neutrophils went from 0.7 up to 1.2. Being over 1.0, I’m technically no longer neutropenic (I could eat salad!).  Even with these sorts of increases, I’ve been warned that they could go down a bit too, so we’ll see how things progress. They gave me a bag of platelets and two bags of red blood cells today to “give them a boost.”

I was told by the clinical liaison nurse that one of the haemotologists is considering a 2-day target of 2.0 for the neutrophils instead of the 1.0 I’ve mentioned before. Don’t have much more detail yet; we’ll learn more tomorrow.

With Veg

Tonight’s exercise is joining a significant part of the population of Europe in watching the second semi-finals of this year’s Eurovision song contest. And enjoying accompanying Twitter commentary.

Ciao. 🙂

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