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May 9, 2011

Back And Forth

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Today the patient who’s been directly across from me for a while was finally discharged. Separately, another patient who was diagonal from me, before going into bed 7 or 8, also left today. In an odd form of balance, a patient who’s been diagonally across from me came back after being out for a couple of weeks. Don’t know why he’s returned.

They’re all different people, with different conditions, none of which are my own. But it’s hard to not keep wondering when my own counts and such will make their target. Had a bag of platelets today to give them a boost.

Fingers staying crossed.


On my tray left from my lunch/dinner requests I’ve got a scone (muffin), a 2-pack of cream crackers, a single small square container of Philly cream cheese you’d usually see on an airplane, and an innocent brand pure fruit smoothie.

And I have weight I need to gain.

What an odd coincidence. It’s not pieces of fruit, but it’ll do for cravings, since I finished my dinner/tea at around 5 o’clock.

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