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May 1, 2011

Sooo Sleep-ee

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Nothing as much fun as a day where you know you over-did it. 🙂

I started by reading some of the awesome graphic novel Watchmen, which has been on both of Elana and my reading lists for ages, and we finally got a copy earlier in the year using a gift certificate.

Then I spent some time working on a technical project just for fun. Because that’s always high on my list of fun. (Insert geek cackle here.) Elana was able to come in to visit, and, after eating, I could go downstairs (with a jacket, and a duck mask, and a hat) with her and chat with her while she ate some lunch.

When we came back upstairs, E and I chatted about the technical project I’d focused on in the morning, and we did brain-storming together. ( I’ll share more if/when it materializes into anything. 😉 ) Then I rested a little while she knit and we just relaxed and talked. It was such a nice way to let the day go by.

Basic medical math

My numbers today had the platelets go from 9 yesterday morning to 16 this morning; not a high jump, but still a jump. Today I got more; we’ll see where it lands in tomorrow morning’s yam blood samples. I’m currently getting the second of two bags of blood because my Red Cell Count (RCC) was at 8.8, just under the trigger of 9.0. Those elusive white cells were at 0.1 for the last week, and will probably hang that way for another week.

I’m also hooked up to get a 12-hour slow drip of fluids. We noticed my arms had gotten slightly scaly when pinched, which I guessed was related to a combination of weight-loss and dehydration. (Despite all of the water and tea I’ve been drinking.) I mentioned this to the resident (doctor) who’s on a 3-month rotation in haemotology, and she’s prescribed the fluids to help it.

Little food secrets

I’ve been told by a nurse I won’t identify that there’s slice of chocolate cake, sealed in a peel-opening package, which I should be able to ask for as part of my dinner (lunch) or tea (dinner). I’m going to give it a try tomorrow, and will share a picture if it works.

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