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November 7, 2006

One Small Voting Snafu

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Leaver machines are gone in Bucks County this year. Not knowing how to use the new computer voting system, and having never done a write-in vote before, I visited the Bucks County web site to see haw to vote. That web site forwarded me to a Pennsylvania State site, that site said Bucks County votes on a Danaher ELECTronic 1242. It was easy, the shockwave demo showed me, it would pop up a keyboard on the screen and I enter the name there.

It seems Yardley Borough didn’t have the Danaher ELECTronic 1242. The League of Women Voters Bucks County web site actually had a better description, though that was not quite right either. The bothersome part was I needed a pen, had the government web sites been accurate I would of brought a pen. Instead I had to ask a very helpful volunteer for a pen, he had to ask the police if he was allowed to lend me a pen. He lent me the pen and I wrote in my candidate. Everybody in the room now knows I wrote-in a vote. The ladies who make sure you where registered told me my house looks very nice, I thanked them.

It seems that whomever picked these machines did a very good job. They where easy to use, and though not required by Pennsylvania law, they had a paper trail. Since I’m probably the only person in Yardley Borough who voted for Carl Romanelli, I hope, like last time, I can see the one vote tick one the Bucks County vote totals web page.

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