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November 5, 2006

Who to Vote For?

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Election day is coming up, I sat down do choose who to vote for. Candidates in Bucks County where finally published by the Board of Elections. It’s funny that the League of Women Voters of Bucks County had the list online first. Starting from the top of the Board of Elections list:

For United States Senator I feel I’m picking between Hitler and Stalin, should either of there careers advance. Rick Santorum, so popular amung gays he got his own sexual slang named after him (really, don’t read the definition, I regret I did (I’m not kidding)) is a bushbot. I think Bob Casey, Jr. has the campaign slogan of I am not a bushbot. Both say they are a pro-life Catholic. So both would rather see a child who made a mistake get a coat hanger, alley abortion rather then facing an abusive family. I agree with Bill Clinton when it comes to abortion: Abortion should not only be safe and legal, it should be rare. So I’m writing in Carl Romanelli.

For Governor it’s incumbent, pro-choice Ed Rendel. Or pro-life, Ex-Pittsburgh Steelers Lynn Swan. I always try to make the environment my main deciding factor on who to vote for, but for some reason abortion always trickles to the top. Sorry Marakay, I’m voting for Mr. Rendel, maybe next time.

Now we finally start getting to the good stuff, Representative in Congress – 8th District. No Green or Libertarian write-in candidate here. Both bourgeoisie candidates put environment issues not close to the top on there issue web page, so abortion bubbles up to the top again. You go Iraq veteran Murphy J. Murphy!.

Now state election, crap. It’s hard enough remembering what U. S. Congress district I’m in let alone state congress and senate. With bourgeoisie gerrymandering it’s probably changed since last time. Again no Green or Libertarian write-in though, for either. For my little Senator in the General Assembly – 10th District there is no incumbent, I’ve read that Joe Conti didn’t run again becauso of the 2005 Pennsylvania General Assembly pay raise controversy. Well, I read some place that the Bucks County Green party supports Chris Serpico. Wait, I read that on Mr. Serpico’s web site! Hopefully he is not lying.

Last, and least I think, it’s the Representative in the General Assembly – 31st District. Thank the goddess this is the last one. Whomever I pick, this will probably be the most world wide endorsement they well get! Well, nobody will be reading past the first line of this past anyway. So, well, I can’t find Mike Diamond’s web site. His sign is across the street, he has a fine graphic artist! Well we all have to abstain from something, maybe I’ll vote for Mr. Diamond just because he isn’t incumbent David J. Steil, another Pennsylvania General assembly pay raise controversy alumni. I’ll choose in the booth.

That’s everybody! There is still some question. Shit.

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