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November 21, 2006

Hello Computer

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I was agonizing about getting a new computer, so Daphne made some command decisions, she used her employee discount, and got a Dell. She got a Dell Dimension C521 with Windows XP Media Center Edition. Though I don’t think she will admit it, she loves it, it works as a great television in the kitchen, it’s even got a remote control! Plus it gets all those extended basic cable channels we don’t pay for. Hello Dr. Who!

I was agonizing because I wanted to get a computer that I would not have to fight with the hardware to run Linux. Daphne wanted a television in the kitchen. I wanted Linux to play audio files, and a video podcast or two. Daphne wanted a television in the kitchen. I wanted to stand up for my libertarian rights to have no corporate software on my computer. Daphne wanted a television in the kitchen. So Daphne won three votes to two. Zoë just wants to be able to visit Elmo’s web site. To be honest, I’m not giving 余艾蕾 full credit, but this is my post not hers.

Zoë happened to be sick the day the system was going to show up so my Father came over while I tried to get some work done. In came the new Dell, I was going to leave it until the evening but my father wanted to see the TV card working. After the set up, and two or three reboots to get all the security updates installed, Zoë and Papap where happily watching Fox News.

Then came Linux! That will have to be a post for another day, as it’s time to get some work done.

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