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September 23, 2006

Almost time for Brainstock

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RTE 2fm dj (and all around good guy) Rick O’Shea has set up a fundraiser for Brainwave, the Irish Epilepsy Foundation.  Brainstock will be on October 12 at Vicar St, one of the best places in Dublin to see anyone.  The lineup so far is:

Boss Volenti on the foot of their newly released debut album “Boss Volenti”. 
Couse & the Impossible – Meteor Music Awards 2006 Nominee – Best Irish Male & Best Irish Album. 
Emm Gryner fast becoming a regular on the Irish music scene after the Irish release of “A Summer of high hopes” at Oxygen 2006. 
Jape Richie Egan striking it out on his own 
Neosupervital one of the most genuinely interesting and intriguing acts in ages 
Penfold DM after a string of sell-out shows in Whelans & the Sugar Club. 
Pugwash the champions of the cause for melodic & enigmatic rock and the critically adored Steve & Joe Wall – many more special guests to be announced over the coming weeks. 

You can get tickets from Ticketmaster for 20 euros, that includes booking fee.  These are some great bands, and honestly, the cost of the ticket is a steal for what you’ll get.  And Brainwave says: All the funds raised on the night will support Brainwave’s 2007 Epilepsy Awareness/ Anti-stigma campaign which aims to eliminate some of the ill-informed prejudices surrounding epilepsy which still exist in today’s society. 

Why is Rick doing this?  He was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 16, and has recently become patron of Brainwave.  Recently, he blogged about a seizure he had, and in his words the “real reason for talking about it here is not to drag you through my dreary medical history but to give you some idea of how this whole process works for the next time you come across someone who either has epilepsy or is having a seizure.”

Fair play to ya Rick.  And if you want to go to Brainstock…GO!!! 

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